Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tips On Singing



Tips On How To Become A Better Singer

We hope these tips are helpful...especially for those musicians that are tired of playing in groups and want to break free and develop their gig as a soloist.  A good place to start...


Practice, practice, practice!

Tip #2

Record yourself
.  The tools to use will depend on your budget, and the desired quality.  Some options and things I've used are my cell phone, a camcorder, a Boss Digital Recording Studio BR-900CD (for professional sound quality and output, with mulit-track recording).  There are many other options available, but these are a few that I have experience with.

The point of recording and playing back is so that you can hear yourself, and make the necessary adjustments, or at least know where you need to focus your energy to improve.

Tip #3

Ask your wife, husband, or a close friend for their opinion about how you sound.  Be humble and ready to accept constructive criticism.  (Don't ask yo' mama...she'll lie to you every time!)

Tip #4

Stay away from karaoke music because it's hard to find songs that fit with your natural singing voice.  The last thing you want to do is to strain when trying to keep up with the melody of a song that's in a key that is to high for your voice.  Skreeechh!

In a later post I will be telling you some techniques I've found that people use to change the key.

So...thanks for droppin' by.  I hope you can use this information on your journey.  Please share, like, comment, and tweet!  

Most of all, "Have love for one another, and don't forget the others...until we see you again."

Stay tuned for more great tips for how to build a business with your talent and get paid to do what you love.

Adios for now!

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